2019-2020 Board Members

President: Katherine Inman
Secretary: Lynn Grube
Treasurer: Anna Ellendman
Past President: Stefani McRae-Dickey
Library Board and Foundation Liaison: Jacque Schreck
Membership Chair: Cathe Walker
Volunteer Coordinator Chair: Dolly Chao
Random Reviews Co-Chair, Holiday Pricing: Connie Georgiou
Sorting and Book Room Liaison: Corrine Gobeli
Book Sales: Katherine Inman
Public Relations: Not staffed at this time
Benton Books Chair: Judy Ladd
Alsea Liaison: Soren Rounds
Monroe Liaison: Sandy Halonen

2018-2019 Board Members

President: Katherine Inman
Secretary: Lynn Grube
Treasurer: Anna Ellendman
Past President: Stefani McRae-Dickey
Library Board and Foundation Liaison: Jacque Schreck
Membership Chair: Cathe Walker
Volunteer Coordinator Chair: Dolly Chao
Random Reviews Co-Chair, Holiday Pricing: Connie Georgiou
Sorting and Book Room Liaison: Corrine Gobeli
Book Sales: Cat Newsheller
Public Relations: David Grube
Benton Books Chair: Lois Malango
Alsea Liaison: Mary Ann Carr
Monroe Liaison: Sandy Halonen

Random Review 2020–2021

Friends of Corvallis-Benton Library Online Store

Looking for a quality used book? Check out the Friends of Corvallis-Benton Library’s online book sale location at Amazon!

We ship anywhere in the United States as well as internationally. Explore our inventory.

All income benefits the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library.

Where do our books come from?

Books that are donated to the Friends, or are discarded from the library worth more than $7-$12, are taken to our office. Then decisions are made as to whether the book can be sold online.

Not a book buyer at the moment?

You can also help the library by donating quality books to the Friends. Experienced volunteers sort, price, and route special titles and above average quality books for online listing. You might even find recent textbooks, technical books, some first editions, and signed editions in there!

Cool facts:

  • Postage is paid to us by Amazon for each book sold.
  • Most expensive book sold so far was $300, a book about coffee technology.
  • 4% of sales revenue from was books in the $6-$6.99 range.
  • Median sales price is $12.
  • Non-fiction of all categories constitute majority of sales.
  • If something doesn’t sell online, you might find it at the February book sale.
  • We process over 3,500 books a year.
  • Eight volunteers work in the Benton Books office.
  • We’re currently rated five stars with customers!

Random Review 2019-2020

Book Shelf/Room

The Book Shelf/Room (formerly 50 cent Shelf/Room) is one of our most popular projects. Each branch of the Library has one.

The books you’ll find available on the Book Shelf/Room are duplicates, favorites from past years, of unique interest, or not of the quality for our other sales. But there’s nothing wrong with any of them!

In Corvallis, the Book Shelf is an entire room! It’s located off the main lobby. The books are restocked frequently, often several times a week. Payment is on the honor system and a lock box, located outside the door, is provided for purchases.

  • Adult paperbacks and hardbacks: 50 cents.
  • Children’s books: 25 cents
  • VCR tapes: 50 cents
  • Clearance sale items: 10 cents
  • Proofs and Advanced Readers: free

In Philomath, books are restocked as needed. It’s located in the lobby and most books are 50 cents.

In Alsea, books are restocked as needed. It’s located in the lobby and prices are the same as the Corvallis Book Room.

In Monroe, there are several shelves located in the library. It is restocked as donations to the library come in.

Do you have books you’d like to donate to our shelves? Check out our Book Donation Guidelines