Online Book Sales

Looking for a quality used book? Check out the Friends of Corvallis-Benton Library’s 24/7 online book sale location, Benton Books. We ship anywhere in the United States as well as internationally. Our books may be ordered through Amazon. Explore our inventory by clicking on the link.

All income benefits the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library. Gross sales in 2016 were $31,417.92. Where do our books come from? Books that are donated to the Friends, or are discarded from the library worth more than $7-$12, are taken to our Benton Books office. Then decisions are made as to whether the book can be sold online. Keep reading for interesting facts from the 2016 Benton Books Annual Summary.

Not a book buyer at the moment? You can also help the library by donating quality books to the Friends . Experienced volunteers sort, price, and route special titles and above average quality books for online listing. Recent text and technical books, some first editions, and signed editions sell very well.

2016 Benton Books Annual Summary

SALES                                                              2016                                 2015

Number of books sold                                    1,773                                   1,644

Gross Sales                                                      $31,417.92                         $27,691.41

Average price per book                                 $17.72                                 $16.84

Net Income                                                      $24,445.62                       $20,031.84


Number of books sold increased by 129 or 8% from 2015

Gross sales prices increased $3,726.51 or 13% from 2015

Average price per book increased $.88 or 5% from 2015

Net income increased $4,413.78 or 22% from 2015


Fixed expenses consist of commissions and fees paid to Amazon:

15% commission per book sold

$1.35 handling fee per book sold ( increased to $1.85 March 1, 2017)

$39.99 per month program fees

Mailing Supplies

$402.88 (23 cents per book)

We use recycled boxes and cardboard folders from the library but purchase bubble envelopes, bubble wrap and packaging tape.


Postage is paid to us by Amazon for each book sold: $3.99 for standard mail and $6.99 for priority mail. We received 58 cents more in postage per book sold than amount actually spent to mail each book. This was an increase of 35 cents over last year and partly due to no longer mailing to international addresses. We also did not offer World Book Encyclopedias because of our cost to mail.


Most expensive book sold was $300, a book about coffee technology.

Fifteen books sold for more than $100, primarily textbooks and technology

205 books sold from $6 to $6.99 or 12% of books sold, 4% of sales revenue

Median sales price was $12.00. Half of books sold are more than $12, half are less than $12

Non-fiction of all categories constitute majority of sales, but all categories sell.


Ratings from buyers are currently 5 stars and 100% at Amazon. Buyers mention the speed of shipment, care in packaging, and great condition of the books they received.


Current inventory for sale on Amazon is 1,017 books. Prices are adjusted on a regular basis to be competitive with other offers. Books that do not sell after one year with price reductions are moved to the February sale. We process over 3,500 books per year: 1,000 listed on Amazon, 1,800 sold and about 700 discarded to the February sale.

Check out our inventory at


Eight volunteers work in the Benton Books office.