Book Shelf/Room

IMG_0178The Book Shelf/Room (formerly 50 cent Shelf/Room) continues to be one of the Friends’ most popular projects. Each branch library maintains its own book sale shelf.

In Corvallis, the Book Sale Room is located off the main lobby. In the other branches, go to the circulation desk to be directed to the proper area.

Books sold on the Book Shelf/Room are duplicates, favorites from past years, of unique interest, or not of the quality for our other sales.

In Corvallis, books are restocked frequently, often several times a week. Payment is on the honor system:
• Adult paperbacks and hardbacks: 50 cents.
• Children’s books: 25 cents
• VCR tapes: 50 cents
• Clearance sale items: 10 cents
• Proofs and Advanced Readers: free
A lock box, located outside the door, is provided for purchases.SCAN0001

In Philomath, books are restocked as needed. The Book Shelf is located in the lobby and most books are 50 cents. Patrons with books to donate, can bring them to the front desk.

In Alsea, the Book Shelf is located in the main room of the library and it is restocked as needed. The prices are the same as the Corvallis Book Room.

In Monroe, there are several shelves located in the library. It is restocked as donations to the library come in. Bring books to the front desk. However, as with all the branches, please call ahead if you have more than 2 boxes.

To donate books, take them:

  • Corvallis: to the landing at the bottom of the stairs off the parking garage during open hours.
  • Philomath: to the circulation desk.
  • Alsea: to the circulation desk.
  • Monroe: to the circulation desk.